About Us

Founded by current practice owner and veterinarian Dr. Christopher Meehl, DVM VetFinder™ was created in the basement of Dr. Meehl's own animal hospital in 2012.

Dr. Meehl was frustrated with the inability to measure the ROI with traditional advertising programs and was also unhappy with the need to spend hours reviewing calls and reconciling incorrect bills with the online marketing platforms that were available at the time – so he built his own.

By keeping the needs of a typical busy animal hospital in mind, VetFinder™ was built as a powerful, easy to manage tool for veterinary practices to increase their new client caseload. According to Dr. Meehl, he was frustrated with the way that the new client acquisition platforms took so much time to manage on a monthly basis. “I would be forced to listen to every call that was reported, check my transaction records and then deal with customer service departments to process returns. I would be paying thousands of dollars a year without knowing how many new clients were actually walking through my front door.”


In just over a year, VetFinder™ has built a national network of independent and enterprise hospitals that praise the advertising platform for its results and ease of use. Core to our company vision is satisfaction from our clients. We understand the veterinary profession's needs and challenges and we are here to offer simple solutions to veterinarians, practice owners and managers.

To find out more about how VetFinder™ can help deliver new clients to you or to get your practice listed, visit us here for more information.